Wave is a theme dedicated to podcasters. Share your voice and words with your audience. In addition to being fully responsive and styled, it comes with a few optional bells and whistles that are explained below.

Adding episodes

The feed requires that you specify the podcast mp3/audio file URL for each episode. Because Ghost doesn’t have custom fields, we can repurpose the Facebook description field for each post to store the link to the audio file.

  1. Add a regular post in Posts > New post and give it a title and some description in the editor.
  2. Enter the episode audio URL in Post settings > Facebook card > Facebook description field.

So wherever you upload your audio to, just paste the provided URL into the Facebook description and you should be all set.

Wave supports Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Stitcher, and a custom RSS links. Enter your podcast links in `Settings > Design > Site-wide`.

Creating a separate blog page

If you need a blog feed which is separate from the podcast, you will need to create a custom route. This can be done by uploading the below routes.yaml file in your settings at Settings > Labs > Routes. Once done, all your posts with the tag Blog will be displayed under yoursite.com/blog